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Thanks to everyone who helped make #SFPublicCanvas happen & the incredible support we received from the community! Check back soon for photos & videos

Performance Info

World Premiere Performances
June 16-19, 2016
9PM - The Demonstration Gardens @ UC Hastings
333 Golden Gate Ave., San Francisco
FREE of Charge
Special guest performances by Youth Speaks Poets & Campo Santo
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A limited number of reserved seats are available if you don’t wish to bring your own.

Click here for tickets.

Otherwise the show is free and no reservation is necessary - bring your own chair or mat. 

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What is #SFPublicCanvas?

#SFPublicCanvas is a multimedia vertical dance collaboration produced by BANDALOOP, Madrone Studios, Illuminate, and The Village Impacts. With your participation, the project will be a "many to many" conversation based in art and technology, creating a local "canvas" for performance and storytelling while bringing to light the narratives of San Francisco's Central Market/Tenderloin area.

#SFPublicCanvas is a public discourse about the changing face of this historic area and the city at large--a virtual and real world forum where YOU can communicate your dream for the future of the Central Market/Tenderloin neighborhood through an artistic lens. If you are living or working in the Central Market/Tenderloin area, or simply concerned with its future, we want to hear your ideas.

Our team has been compiling artwork submitted by the public into a cohesive work of video projection art with original animation. During #SFPublicCanvas' performance event, the projection will be displayed as an environment for BANDALOOP’s vertical dancers. Performances will take place June 16-19, 2016 on the exterior of the UC Hastings building on Golden Gate Ave.

How to Get Involved

Our Question for You

"What change do you want to see?"

Other questions to consider:
Who are you?
What do "home" and "community" mean to you?
What changes do you want to see?
How can art play a role in improving the community?
How can we use technology to positively affect our communities?
What inspires you about this area and what are your dreams for its future?

How Can You Provide Your Answers?

We encourage you to be creative in whatever way possible. This can include, but is not limited to: musical score, graphic art, spoken word, paintings, short films, poetry, animation, a simple Tweet or Facebook post, or anything else that inspires you. We encourage submissions from people of all artistic skill levels--regardless of your training or background, if you are living or working in the Central Market/Tenderloin area, or simply concerned with its future, we want to hear your ideas.

The ultimate goal of #SFPublicCanvas is to foster a dialogue both online and in person. Therefore, we're asking participants to submit their work via social media, creating a public forum where members of the community can engage with one another, offering their reactions, ideas, and support.

All entries must be submitted by posting on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, using the hashtag #SFPublicCanvas within the body/caption of the post.

Why Contribute?

#SFPublicCanvas is your opportunity to share your stories and collaborate on a one-of-a-kind, large-scale public art project. By submitting your answer to our question, you'll not only be taking part in a creative and constructive public dialogue, but you'll be credited as a collaborator on the project as well.

Come See Your Work

On June 16-19 of 2016, this open source digital media canvas will be integrated with vertical dance on the outside of UC Hastings College of the Law at 333 Golden Gate Ave in San Francisco. Your content will be combined with filmed footage and original animation.

Photo Gallery – Spring 2015 Open Rehearsals

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Who is making this possible?


Get in touch

Want to send your submission as an email attachment? Send your ideas to sfpubliccanvas [at] gmail [dot] com